Funniest hijabs that everyone talks about

Wearing a hijab can cause women to feel a range of emotions on different days, but more and more they are learning to laugh when things go slightly wrong! There are even memes being made showing jokes about wearing a hijab. Of course, it is important to draw a line and ensure jokes don’t become offensive, but as long as those who dress in this way are laughing too, then it’s usually acceptable to join in.

It’s very common in western countries where most women don’t wear a hijab to have some questions about what it’s like to wear one. Women who wear a hijab often find it funny when people think they do absolutely everything in it – including taking a bath or shower. Some people also ask questions about what’s underneath, often to the amusement of those who wear one – people often ask women wearing a hijab if they are bald underneath!

Silk hijabs are notoriously difficult for keeping in place, so it’s quite common to experience some mishaps when wearing one. This is especially important when doing sports – be sure to choose a jersey type material so it won’t interfere when playing sports.

Another thing which makes hijab-wearing women laugh is when people assume they can’t do any of the things non-Muslim women do. Some people think women who wear a hijab are not allowed to follow the latest fashion trends, or can’t take care of their appearance and experiment with different make-up looks. Those who wear a hijab also laugh when others suggest they are not able to act silly and enjoy life, or go out with friends.

Hijab-wearers also laugh when people think they put the pins for their scarves into their scalp, or even if people ask if they are allergic to the sun! It’s also sometimes amusing when children make comments to their parents about women wearing a hijab. Some commonly mentioned comments include asking if the lady is a nun or thinks they are a ninja! Children sometimes even ask their parents if the women have ears under their hijab, and think they might not be able to hear them.

Every hijab-wearing woman has a funny story to tell about their times wearing one, and if you ask them, they’ll surely be happy to tell you about it. Laughing together is a great way for different cultures to integrate and learn to get along.…

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